April 23, 2014

Clairvoyant Readers – Addressing The Scepticism

clairvoyantWhen it comes to Clairvoyant Readers, ESP, fortune tellers and anything paranormal, there will always be a number of sceptics. Such has always been and probably will be the case for the foreseeable future. There is no psychic test that can clearly lay out the level and particular skills of the individual when it comes to psychic and clairvoyant powers. The true psychic clairvoyant probably has more sceptics than most other fortune tellers, astrologers, card readers and such because the psychic clairvoyant actually works as a medium, reading the energy that is shared between the corporeal and ethereal worlds and what is sometimes known as a person’s aura as well.

Most psychic tests focus on the ability of the person in question to “translate” known factors as from the information about the different tarot cards and their place in the draw depending on what formations are used. Most palm readers interpret the lines on a person’s (left) hand and compare it to known quantities for those lines. Astrologers and Numerologists rely heavily on mathematics that have been around for centuries to figure the placement of the stars at the time of birth, current placement of the stars and the known factors relevant to the different stars and their galaxies.


The Clairvoyant Reader on the other hand, is more like the traditional seer, the empath or the ESP guide who uses very real energy and can get impressions based on that energy. Some clairvoyant readers focus on the energy from those who have already passed while some focus on the living. Some get all of that information and thus use the moniker or the term “Psychic Medium” as they literally work as a medium between the two planes of existence. For these mediums, there just are not any set values to work with and it is perhaps mostly because of this that the clairvoyant reader, the medium and others of their ilk are constantly viewed with such scepticism.

To the casual observer it may appear as if the clairvoyant reader is doing nothing more than having a casual conversation with someone while giving them a detailed reading. In fact, much of what they talk about and focus on may sound even motherly in nature and as being nothing more than sound advice. What most of the sceptics fail to realize or admit is that all of this information is generally revealed during the reading and is solely about the person getting that psychic reading and how it pertains to events that have transpired or will occur in their personal life.

These are not merely casual conversations and they are certainly much more involved than simple (albeit friendly) advice from a friend. The ESP powers of the Clairvoyant is based solely on the energy that is being exuded by the person that they are reading. If and when the day comes that this energy can be more than just measured by science … which has already proven its existence, perhaps the clairvoyant guide will face less sceptics but for the time being, it is all just part of the job.